Going Abroad with Anxiety

Students with a history of emotional disorders are advised to consider carefully joining the [program]. Such challenges are inevitably aggravated by the new demands and personal responsibilities of a foreign setting... Recent withdrawals from the Program for psychological reasons including breakdowns and panic attacks, attest to the fact that failure to heed this warning may … Continue reading Going Abroad with Anxiety


Why I Spent My Birthday at the Hospital

It had a lot to do with the fact that my doctor only performs surgeries on Mondays, and my birthday happened to fall on a Monday this year.1 It also had a lot to do with the chronic pain I'd been experiencing for the past year. Ever since the Fall Break of my sophomore year, … Continue reading Why I Spent My Birthday at the Hospital


My relationship with sleep is complicated. When we're together, it's great. I forget all of my troubles (real, exaggerated, or otherwise), I feel completely relaxed, and occasionally I hit the perfect amount of sleep and wake up feeling like a superhumanly energized (how I imagine yoga instructors to feel everyday). But most nights play out … Continue reading Insomnolence