Give Me a Schedule or Give Me Death

Spring break, a time away from deadlines and responsibilities, is a great opportunity to learn more about yourself. I, for instance, have learned that I really don’t like taking time away from deadlines and responsibilities.

Earlier this semester, I was stuck in the mire of long readings and intensive projects, and didn’t have the time to plan an exciting trip away to a tropical island with friends or a short stay at a far-off friend’s house. No matter, I thought. I was so swamped with work that two weeks of sitting in my quiet suburban house (especially isolated since my break is out of sync with almost all of my hometown friends’ breaks) doing absolutely nothing would be perfect for me.

I thought wrong. Turns out, waking up late and schlepping from one couch to another and watching strings of shows on Netflix makes me feel horrible. Worse yet, once I established a pattern of extended idleness, it was almost impossible to overcome my inertia and break out of it. I was doing what many college students dream of—sleeping, eating, avoiding work without consequence—but it felt, to be cliché, nightmarish.

Luckily, my school is ridiculously generous enough to give us two weeks of break, so at the beginning of this week, I started over. I set alarms, I made to-do lists, I held off from watching “Chapter 50” of House of Cards until after I made progress in the work I had put off the week before. And it felt great.

So I guess I’m one of those people who needs a routine, who thrives off of pressure. I had hints of this personality trait earlier in the semester, when I miraculously finished my work early and had no idea what to do with my new-found free time, but I hadn’t guessed how deep the characteristic ran. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit disappointed to know I’ll be happier staying up to write an essay than to finish a movie, but I am glad to have learned this truth about myself.

Now I can coordinate to maintain structure (and therefore sanity) to my life, and avoid falling into the pit of disappointing laziness I found myself in last week. To those of you who can enjoy the kind of relaxation I can’t handle, I commend you. Go forth and enjoy all that your couch, your fridge, and your laptop can offer you. As for me, I have some homework to do.



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