Moving Right Along

If you read my last post, you would know that last week I went home for Thanksgiving break. Since I don’t have a car and go to school too far from home to be easily picked up, I went home by bus.

I took one of the last seats on the bus, up front by the driver, and no one sat next to me. Once we started driving, all the lights switched off, and, seeing how it was 5 p.m. and already pitch dark outside, almost everybody immediately quieted down and went to sleep. After an hour or two went by in this kind of silence, I decided to try best and capture the mood as best as I could in words. I did a horrible job of it, but several revisions later, I think this poem does a pretty good job of what I set out to do.



Night Bus


Like a corpse I

Remain still,

Blood pooling in my stiff legs.

Under street lights my skin

Flashes dull and gray,

In between it hides

In the dark silence,



Like a spirit I

Fly invisibly,

Trees soaring beside me,

Asphalt flowing below me,

Wind whipping around me,

But I don’t feel it.

Moving effortlessly,

I disappear before anyone knows

I was there.


3 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. David Alatalo says:

    I liked it. The title is very fitting and I can picture you sitting on the stinking bus waiting to get there. I now kinda know what it must feel like to be a corpse and a spirit if we could feel such things. Good job. Love Dad. P.S. you may now exit the bus.


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