New Phone, Who Dis?

Hey there, welcome to my blog!

It only feels natural to spend a little time introducing myself before I start posting more details about the fascinating, sometimes awkward and embarrassing, and overall heartwarming experience that is my life.

So who am I?

My name’s Rachel, and I’m 19 years old. I come from a smallish suburb in New England, and I go to an even smaller college quite a few hours away. My goal in life is to become a writer, but I’m spending time reading, running, making videos, working, and watching Netflix until I get there. Some days I think I’m funny, and I write for my school’s satire paper. On the other days I write for myself.

So, what will you see on this blog in the future? Posts about college life, photos of outfits I’m proud of, things I wish my parents could read, things I’d die before showing them, and my thoughts on everything from music to politics and religion (don’t share them at the dinner table).

If any of that sounds like something you’d love to read (or love to hate to read), feel free to follow me! We can watch this experiment succeed or implode on itself together.


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